Why Use A Recruiter?

As a Hiring Manager/Executive, you may have come to distrust “Recruiters, Headhunters” and we don’t blame you. Unfortunately many of our predecessors and novices in this business are much like the famous used car salesmen … abusive, shoving candidates down your throat, sending you non – qualified people, not listening to your needs, etc. No doubt, a recruiter somewhere, somehow has given you a bad taste in your mouth. They’ve given us a bad taste in ours as well, which is the exact reason we don’t work for a large recruiting firm. We don’t like the lack of ethics, the “hard sell” sales approach, and the “get in your face” attitude some recruiters use to manipulate you into making a decision.

We consider you a respected, intelligent person. Capable of making a good decision. We understand that you are looking for the BEST possible person to add to your team. Realizing that there has only been One person in history that could walk on water and realizing that with a tight talent pool, when a great person is found, you need to take action and make a decision quickly. We will help you find the best possible person in the shortest amount of time possible, so you can be up and running.

What you Really buy when you use our Service

Often the idea of paying a fee to a recruiter is perceived as “paying for” the person that is hired. This is a misconception. The service is what is being bought. Since the assessment of the service charge is based on the starting salary, the fee is therefore associated with the individual. But it is a total service that allows us to produce the individual who is hired. We assess the fee on the successful candidates earnings, but the service of producing that candidate is what is being purchased.

Facilitating Communications. The major reason why only 50% of the offers made by companies without the use of a professional recruiter are accepted is because communications between company and candidate break down. We not only “interpret” the needs of our clients, candidate and employers, but more importantly, wecommunicate the needs and desires of both parties from an objective, non-threatening position. The reason why 94% of the offers our candidates receive though us are taken, is simply because we have acted as a third party “buffer” in communications. Most often, when a professional recruiter is not used , and the initial offer is turned down, the client company has to start all over. Since we are constantly recruiting and evaluating qualified candidates, we can start the search process immediately. Why our searches only last an average or 3-4 weeks, while the average (without us) is 9 weeks, is because when “things happen” we can respond quickly. We know how to manage these small crises. When a company pays our fee, they simply buy our experience. We know the market, manage the selection process and know what to do when things go wrong.”

Knowledge of the market. An experienced recruiter knows the market of qualified candidates and positions available in their disciplines. Since we are in the “field” daily, we simply have a better assessment of the quality and experience of candidates on the market. We have an immediate, on-going relationship with available candidates. Not only are the candidates pre-screened, but we know how they www.ourhealthissues.com/product/ventolin/ compare with each other. We know what types are available at what salary ranges at all times. Since most firms don’t hire that often, they rarely recognize changes in the types of candidates available for certain salary ranges. We are able to provide a number of qualified candidates from which to choose. Our job is to show clients what is available on the market, based on all the qualifications they might tell us. Knowledge of the market also allows us to assess how the position available at your company compares with others available. It is part of our service to assess the position available in comparison to not only the market of qualified candidates, but also a comparison with other clients’ positions who are competing for the same type of candidate. If the position, experienced required, salary range, etc. are inconsistent with what the market will bear, we have an obligation to not only inform our clients of that, but help them come to a conclusion as to what qualification, etc. would be appropriate.

The selection process without the use of a professional recruiter, averages nine weeks. We save you time. Because of our reputation and success, we are constantly interviewing and screening candidates. We can produce qualified candidates faster than client companies can themselves. Because we help “manage” the selection process, we advise when the process is breaking down. If we see problems in the interviewing process on the part of our clients, we help them get back on track.

Our worth is not only in finding good candidates, but getting the best one to say “yes”

We look forward in helping you to successfully find, hire and retain your next employee. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We take pride in bringing you only the best and most qualified candidates. Our service to you will be exceptional. Our services far surpass other recruiters in the industry, and we have an exceptional work ethic to give you the results you want. We are picky about who we work with, both as clients and candidates, and take pride with working with some of the best companies in the Western U.S.. Throughout the hiring process we will dedicate our time and talents to bringing you the best person qualified for your needs. We will be screening, qualifying, reference checking and narrowing down the right person for you. We will not throw resumes at you hoping something will stick to the wall.

We ask your commitment to TWO things:

  1. Keep communication open between us
  2. Once we have presented a candidate to you, we will need to know one of three things:
    1. Yes, you want to hire him
    2. No, you don’t want to hire him, or
    3. You need additional information to make a business decision.

We ask the candidate to make the same agreement with us before we present them to a client. Good candidates are relatively scarce. Your review and feedback of a candidate we arrange for you to speak with will need to be rapid.

Our goal is to become the preferred recruiting partner for your company. We are confident that we can exceed your expectations, consistently delivering the high-caliber people you require to increase your business’ profits.